President's Day Madness

President's Day Madness Card


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*The show, "Law and Order CI" ends with some final words from Detective Goren, as always and the scene fades to black. Until the scene re-opens with the symbol of the Bermuda Triangle Channel…*

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*Then, we hear the screams of millions of fans gathering up as the camera shows the arena and the announcers and they speak.*

Biggest Losers Four way Match

  • Cm Funk vs. the sickness vs. Bastion Hyde vs. "The Enforcer" Mark Riddell

*Content of The match*:

Colossal Cell Triple Threat Match for the Cyber Chick Championship

  • Rebecca Micheals vs. Candice vs. Christi Marie Young

*Content of The match*:

A New Co-Owner(Segment)

For Scott Adams to Edit!

Death Chamber Match for the CEW Television Championship

  • The Scorpion Sting vs. Scott Adams

*Content of The match*:

Colossal Cell Singles Match for the Cyber Maniac Championship

  • "The Supreme" Chris Cort vs. "The Legend" Devin Stone

*Content of The match*:

Segment: Commercial


Japanese Death Cell Singles Match for the Superior Ranks Championship

  • Black Death vs. Kong

*Content of The match*:

Gimmick Singles Match for the CyberSlam World Heavywheight Championship

  • Maxymum vs. Chaos

*Content of The match*:


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